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Project Description

Walking along the sidewalks of Tampa’s Ybor City neighborhood, one passes people grouped at outdoor cafes and relaxing on city benches. They enjoy margaritas and crisp salads, whiskey and freshly rolled cigars. The smells intertwine with the Cuban espresso brewed across the street. It’s dusk; the visitors are enjoying the peace as the bustle of the nightclub crowd begins to drift in.

Down the road, the annual Gasparilla pirate festival attracts locals to the bay. The celebration has a convivial spirit; drinks are shared, beads are tossed, and people connect over the bomb of cannons.

Later in the evening, a couple walks through downtown making their way to a late-night showing of Casablanca. As they enter the theater, they are transported in time to a 1926 Mediterranean courtyard.  An organ player performs under a twilight sky as they make their way to their seats.

The Cambria Hotel Tampa, FL will embrace these stories, encompassing an inviting and warm space reflective of Tampa’s historical backdrop and Cuban heritage.