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Project Description

This project was a prototypical hotel remodel that required some customization.  It is minutes away from major Universities in the area. Whether it’s families gathering for graduation, or athletes and fans coming for sporting events, this site stays busy year round. DAI took this into careful consideration and improved the overall circulation as well as the durability of the items specified.

Given that this property is located in the valley and has a direct view of the Wasatch Mountain range, we were excited with the opportunity to redesign the existing fireplaces that kept the fresh, clean look of the Brand, yet catered to the beautiful site.

Familiarity to the Brand is as important as warmth and comfort. This is all a part of our team’s journey to determine the perfect design for the unique and individual locations of each project.

A combination of light, openness and, natural finishes work together to create the perfect palette.

Project Details